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GIFT SWAP Sign ups -closed-

(As sent to me from Paxie, THE [GIFT SWAP] SIGN UP POST! Which probably should have been posted last night/early this morning. My bad, here it is now!)

2011 TARDIS Day Gift Swap:

• This year's theme is the Fifth Doctor! If you participate in the theme, your gift must have something related to the Fifth Doctor, whether it’s him, one of his companions, etc.
• YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE THEME! Just say no in that portion of the sign up form.
• Total price of the gift must be $30 or less, including shipping costs. There is no size limit, so don't feel bad if you send someone a smaller gift. We're not made of money, we all know that :D
• To Participate, you must fill out the form below and post it in the comments
• At least one aspect of your gift has to be TARDIS related. It is TARDIS Day after all :D
• You must choose a type of gift you’d like to give/get. Choices are as follows:
o Homemade
o Purchased
• If you want to participate in the Card swap or the digital gift swap, there will be separate sign ups for both categories.
• All gifts must be sent so that they arrive on or before TARDIS Day, which is a Tuesday this year.
• Gifts can not be opened until TARDIS Day.
• PLEASE post pictures of what you got here on the community, along with who your partner was and a thank you :D
Things You Probably Want to Know:
• Swap partners will be based upon location; if you live in the UK, you’ll be paired with someone else that lives in the UK, so on and so forth.
• We do ask if anyone wants to be paired with someone outside their country; if you volunteer for this, you are hereby forfeiting your right to complain if your package is late. We can’t control the postal service, we’re only human.
• If you think your package is going to be late, please email to let the mods know. We will contact your partner to tell them.
• All comments on this entry are screened, so the only people that will see your address are the Mods (paxieamor, hannibal_topaz and lilyofshallot).
• Homemade gifts are… well, homemade. Crocheted TARDIS Scarf, cookies, little Sculpy figures, whatever. This could also include homemade CDs/DVDs.
• Purchased gifts are things that you buy. Action figures, Books, DVDs, CDs, whatever.
• For "Any Other Info You'd Like People to Know": let us know things that would help your gift giver: who your favorite characters are, favorite color, stuff like that.
• This year, partner means the person you’re gifting to will be gifting back to you. Therefore, give a gift that you would want to receive yourself.

Comment Form:
LJ Name Name:
Gift to give: Homemade/Purchased
Gift to receive: Homemade/Purchased
Participate in Theme: Yes/No
Favorite Doctor(s):
Favorite Companion(s):
Favorite Color(s):
Anything else?:

Sign Ups end on Saturday, August 13th at Midnight EST Tuesday, August 16th at Midnight EST [-5 GMT]. Partners will be announced sometime the following week.

Please comment with any questions or use the above email address!

(extra day due to the later-ness of this post)
(THIS IS THE GIFT SWAP POST ONLY. The Card and Digital Swap posts will be up later, respectively. Join which ever swaps you like! Or all three! Just not this week. THIS WEEK IS FOR GIFT SWAPS)
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