haliegirl (haliegirl) wrote in tardis_day,

TARDIS day package!

I had a busy week and weekend, so I didn't get a chance to check my mail until yesterday and then I was happy to see that my package from the lovely tpeej had arrived! It was festively taped with some stylish Hello Kitty tape:
Inside was a Happy Birthday bag for the TARDIS!
Inside the bag was a lovely note explaining the presents and a fantastic cross stitch of the TARDIS!
Next was a super cute card, some fun magnets, and some lovely tea that I had with breakfast this morning.
I also got a cute little hedgehog, a mini birthday cake for the TARDIS, and a very fun interpretation of fish fingers and custard!
Last, but not least, I got a great door-hanger wishing the Doctor a happy birthday right along with Sexy :)

Thank you for all the lovely presents tpeej, they made my slightly late celebration of TARDIS day quite fantastic!
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I am sorry it was late, but at least you liked it.
I don't think it was late, I just didn't get a chance to get to my PO box on Friday :) The tea was delicious, by the way. And I did drink it hot :D
I'm glad you liked the tea. It's one of my favorite kinds.