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From Paxie and Kay


Hello my fellow Whovians! OMG, It's a post! *flail!* Is that crazy or what?

So, my apologies for not keeping up with TARDIS Day this year. Those of you who know me away from TARDIS Day know why, but for those who don't: in August, I packed up almost everything I own and moved 700 miles away from home to attend the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with plans to get my bachelors degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminal Justice. It's been a crazy time for me and I apologize for not keeping up with this year's holiday.

How is everyone doing? Anyone going to Chicago TARDIS? Kay and I will be there again this year, with more of the TARDIS Day buttons from last year!

I also want to take a moment to tell you all how awesome you are. About this time last year, I thought that we'd lose TARDIS Day to that upstart "Doctor Who Day". I've realized since then that Doctor Who Day may have more members, but TARDIS Day has more fun. This holiday, while a headache at times, does give me something to look forward to every year and I have all of you who keep coming back to thank for it. Thank you all.


DIGITAL SWAP SIGN UP August 28-September 5

Starts now! Sorry for the delay, it's been a hectic week, with work for me and moving for Paxie. The last third of the sign ups will be this week! The rules are:

• At least one aspect of your gift has to be TARDIS related. It is TARDIS Day after all :D
• Digital gifts must be sent on TARDIS Day.
• Digital Gifts are anything that can be emailed. Desktop Wallpaper, some sort of TARDIS artwork, custom made LJ icons, etc.

Sign up form:

LJ Name:
Type of Digital Gift You’d Like to Give:
Type of Digital Gift You’d Like to Receive:
Any Other Info You’d Like People To Know:

Sign ups will only be on LJ, unless there is some sort of LJ issue this week, and in that case keep an eye out for a post on tardisday.wordpress.com!

Hey! Guess what! I remembered to to screen comments the first time! Go me!

Sign ups will be today through Monday, September 5 at Midnight CST (-6 GMT)! Extra day because I'm posting this fairly late.

Don't forget!

Card swap sign up ends innn... 3 and a half hours. Maybe four and a half, I'm sort of tired, math is not my friend. Midnight, at any rate!.

If there's anyone in or near NZ that still wants to sign up for the gift swap, we have a partner for you! Sign up soon! on this post or email TARDIS.Day.Mod@gmail.com!

Digital swap sign up will be up tonight or tomorrow! It depends on if I still have the file for it... That will be open from a week when it goes up!

No one took me up on panicking, that's good, the almost last batch of partner emails are going out just as soon as I post this.

Heads up!

The partner emails have begun to go out. If you don't get one today, don't panic, yours will be coming Saturday. If you don't have yours by Sunday, panic and email TARDIS.Day.Mod@gmail.com, we will get you fixed!

Aug. 17th, 2011


If you didn't sign up, please head over to the card swap sign ups. Some time soon we'll be posting the rules for the digital swap sign ups.

I want coffee. I have none. This saddens me.


We're in the remaining [ten] hours to sign up for the gift swap! If you haven't yet, what are you waiting for?

Card Swap sign ups are going on too!

Digital Swap will open next week!

...I'm going to bed, I'm not sure why I'm awake.
TARDIS Day 2011 Card Swap


 This year’s theme is the Fifth Doctor; if you elect to participate in the theme, your card MUST have a Fifth Doctor element, whether it’s the Doctor himself, one of his companions or a card made out of a stalk of celery. If you do that last one, I want pictures.
 As with the Gift Swap, your card must arrive on or before TARDIS Day. If you have any reason to believe your card will be late, please email the mods at TARDIS.Day.Mod@gmail.com to let us know and we will let your partner know as well.
 If you don’t get your card by TARDIS Day, please use the above email address to contact the mods and let us know.
 There are really no categories for the card swap, as I haven’t found many Doctor Who cards for purchase that aren’t birthday cards. If you find some, however, please let us know!

LJ Name:
E-Mail Address:
Theme: Yes/No
Favorite Doctor(s):
Favorite Companion(s):
Favorite Color(s):
Anything else?

Sign ups are open until Sunday, August 21st, Midnight EST [-5 GMT]. Partners will be announced sometime the following week!

PLEASE only sign up once, on either here, wordpress or through email. We are easily confused.


Hi Whovians! Only THREE DAYS LEFT until the TARDIS Day Gift Swap Sign ups close! We have two places to sign up, either HERE at LiveJournal or, if LiveJournal is not working for you again, HERE!


See that? It's large, caps locked, bolded, italicized, underlined AND in a different color. That means its important!

Seriously, sign up, won't you?

TARDIS Day Community Rules

1) Don't Wander Off. (Paxie says: This really has nothing to do with the community, but it -is- rule number one...)

2) Please try to keep all posted content G-rated. If you are posting something that could be considered "Adult Content", please put it behind a cut and label the entry appropriately. We're not sure if there's any reason to post Adult Content here, but like Alice, the staff tries to believe three impossible things a day.

3) Fan crafts (such as art work, fan fiction and the like) are allowed, but try to keep them related to TARDIS Day. If you're posting something you did to celebrate the Explore Aspect of TARDIS Day, then by all means! Post away!

3)b. (or perhaps [ii]?) Fan crafts, etc. that are TARDIS-centric are encouraged, provided they are also Rule 2-compliant. It is TARDIS Day, after all.

4) Be nice!

5) Pictures of your TARDIS Day activities are encouraged, but please keep rule number 2 in mind.

More rules to be added as needed...

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