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2009 TARDIS Day Gift Swap!

It's Here! Sign ups for the 2009 TARDIS Day Gift Swap start TODAY! We're doing it early to give people a chance to sign up and get their gifts done/sent on time.



  • This year's theme is Hats, Mittens and/or Scarves. Meaning that your gift has to include some sort of Hat, Mittens and/or Scarves AND it has to be Doctor Who related. THIS DOES NOT IN ANY WAY MEAN THAT WE ARE SUGGESTING YOU MAKE ANY FORM OF "THE SCARF"! Not only would that be way over the budget, it would probably drive people insane. Seriously, all you people that have made one? You have my admiration.
  • Total price of the gift must be $25 or less, including shipping costs. There is no size limit, so don't feel bad if you send someone a smaller gift. We're not made of money, we all know that :D
  • To Participate, you must fill out the form below and post it in the comments
  • At least one aspect of your gift has to be TARDIS related. It is TARDIS Day after all :D
  • You must choose a type of gift you’d like to give/get. Choices are as follows:
    • Homemade
    • Purchased
    • Digital
    • Cards
  • All snail mail gifts must be sent so that they arrive on or before TARDIS Day, which is a Saturday this year.
  • Gifts can not be opened until TARDIS Day.
  • Digital gifts must be sent on TARDIS Day.
  • Try to post pictures of what you got here on the community, along with who your partner was and a thank you :D

 Things You Probably Want to Know:

  • Swap partners will be based upon location; if you live in the UK, you’ll be paired with someone else that lives in the UK, so on and so forth. Due to some problems last year, there will be no exceptions to this rule.
  • All comments on this entry are screened, so the only people that will see your address are the Mods (paxieamor , hannibal_topaz , lilyofshalott ) If you’re still not sure about posting your address online, you may want to choose the Digital gift option
  • Digital Gifts are anything that can be emailed. Desktop Wallpaper, some sort of TARDIS artwork, custom made LJ icons, etc.
  • Homemade gifts are… well, homemade. Crocheted TARDIS Scarf, cookies, little Sculpy figures, whatever. This could also include homemade CDs/DVDs.
  • Purchased gifts are things that you buy. Action figures, Books, DVDs, CDs, whatever.
  • Cards need to be handmade or digital. Unless you find a place that sells non-birthday Doctor Who cards… and if you do, link us :D Also, if you go with digital, try to be creative and make it yourself in MS Paint or whatever.
  • For "Any Other Info You'd Like People to Know": let us know things that would help your gift giver: who your favorite characters are, favorite color, stuff like that.
  • Ideas for projects can be found here:
  • Just because I'm saying "partner" doesn't mean that the person you're sending a gift to will be the one sending you a gift.
  • The last statement may or may not be a complete lie. *insert maniacal laughter*


Comment Form:



Email(Or a way the Mods can contact you):

What Kind of Gift You Would Give:

What Kind of Gift You Would Like to Get:
Any Other Info You'd Like People to Know:


Sign Ups end on Monday, July 20th at Midnight. Partners will be announced on July 21st, the TARDIS Day community’s first birthday!


Please comment with any questions or message one of the mods directly!


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