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Lady Paxie of Kick Ass, Duchess of Win

Special Offer: TARDIS Day Buttons

See this? This is the TARDIS Day Button that Kay and I (with a little help from some friends) will be giving away at Chicago TARDIS in November. The button size is 2.25 inches and will be perfect to wear on TARDIS Day.

Not going to make it to Chicago TARDIS? Today is your lucky day. We are asking for donations to help pay for the price of getting these buttons made by the fantastic Disjointed Images Store. If 25 people donate $5, we will have covered the cost of making the buttons.

Reader: But, Paxie! It doesn't seem fair to have some people pay for something that you're going to give away!

That is true, but here's the thing: If you are one of the 25 people to donate $5, you will not only receive a TARDIS Day button of your own, but it will be autographed by myself and Kay. We are only going to do 25 of these buttons. They probably won't be to you by TARDIS Day, as Kay and I won't be in the same state until November 20th, but you will certainly get one.

How to Donate and Get Your Button:
--Comment on this entry with your email address (all comments are screened; commenting will be disabled once we reach 25 people)
--Receive email with Paypal Donation Link
--Make Donation (you will be asked for your address)
--Get Thank You Email
--Wait for Button to arrive.

And that's it! Thank you all so much for your help!

EDIT: Anyone who donates will be entered in a drawing to receive a second button, autographed by spastasmagoria , the author of tw_babiez !
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