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TARDIS Day is well over with now, but that doesn't mean this comm has to stay dead until next year! (It might anyway, but we can try) Has everyone posted their gifts yet? If not, it's not too late! I know I have to post mine yet too.

It's very early, but we've realized that next year TARDIS Day falls on the first day of Chicago TARDIS! If you can make it, what are some things you guys might like to see happen there?

Also, the holidays are going to be here very (very) quickly. [Not that anyone really needs the reminder at this point, I hope..]
-Have any Doctor Who related [insert-holiday-of-your-choice-here] plans?
-Have any fun Doctor Who decorations or decorating tips to share?

Paxie made Dalek and Weeping Angel cookies yesterday (please bug her for pics, I have none) and we decorated them last night. (By we, I mean mostly her, my attention span wanders during cookie decorating)

Feel free to post suggestions as comments to this post, holiday posts can be either comments here or separate posts!

Happy Wholidays!
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